3 Killer Formats To Nail Your Expert Interview

And hook your readers instantly…

Rick Martinez
5 min readJun 20, 2024
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The reason most aspiring authors fail to capture their audience is poor structure.

Why? Because most aspiring authors don’t know how to present their interviews effectively. Without a clear format, even the most insightful interviews can fall flat, leaving readers disengaged, unimpressed, and scrolling away.


This is why mastering these three killer formats is crucial.

Learning these formats will help you engage your readers, highlight key insights, and, ultimately, write compelling interview articles and stories. This will help you present your story clearly, keep your audience hooked, and showcase your expertise, leading to greater impact and a lasting legacy.

Let’s dive in.

Q&A Format

(Trust Me: It’s Simpler Than You Think)

The Q&A format is your best friend when you need a straightforward approach.

This format works because it keeps things simple and straightforward. Readers get direct answers from the expert without wading through fluff. Maintaining a direct dialogue with the expert preserves the authenticity of their voice, making the…



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