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So powerful you’ll want your children to someday read this too

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I couldn’t even think about cooking, let alone eating, until I wiped those gross boogers off his face.

Of course, I’m talking about my little brother.

We were pretty young and home alone after school. In today’s climate, we’d probably be scooped up by some governmental body and placed in “a home” simply because my parents wanted a better life for us.

You see, we grew up as latchkey kids.

I had to get myself off the bus, make dinner, do my homework, and then take care of myself until my parents got home after work each night.

Oh yeah, and then do it all over again for…

And the 8 takeaways that might change how you think about writing forever

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“What are you doing?”

“I’m writing.”

“Every day for a month?”

“Yup. 30 days, 30 posts.”

That’s the mini conversation I had with myself when I started this 30-day writing challenge.

“What the heck did I think I was signing up for? You cray-cray or something?!”

Yeah, still talking to myself.

But I digress…

Here’s the thing. It turns out that it wasn’t as daunting as it sounded, and my life is so much better because of it. …

And a simple framework that anyone can use, even if you’re not a nurse

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I am a nurse turned freelance writer.

But to tell you the truth, I actually believe I’ve always had the writer in me, long before I ever became a nurse.

If you’re not a nurse, you may be wondering why this is relevant to you. So before I go on and before you click away, as you read this, please imagine the skills you learned in a different career field, training or schooling.

I bet there’s relevance there too.

One of the main reasons I enjoy writing is that there are many similarities between being an RN (registered nurse)…

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“We can handle small surges and clusters; it’s not a big deal. But when you get this continuous surge ongoing hour after hour — you see these patients, and they are all coming in with the same symptoms huffing and puffing, some of them are gasping for air, and some of them are confused because of the lack of oxygen, and they’re elderly, and they’re young, and they’re distressed, and they’re agitated, and then there are no family members around…It is draining.” Dr. Jamil Madi, Valley ICU medical director.

Y’all who know me, and maybe don’t “know me” but follow…

The man who I was faced with is not who I’d ever hoped to be

Photo by Александр Филин on Unsplash

It was 1993.

I was in nursing school; my wife at the time was in med school. Our little girl, Katelyn, was barely about yay tall and had just started walking. We were the proverbial “starving students.”

It was my turn to run to the grocery store for milk and diapers. My wife reached into her purse to grab the keys. Instead, she grabbed something else and handed them over to me.


Time stopped. Everything froze. …

Because we’re not always all about late nights, booze, and half-smoked Pall Malls

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Often, but not always, when one thinks about a writer or creator, an image of, shall we say, “disturbance and romance” forms.

We might conjure up late nights, booze, and an ashtray overflowing with half-smoked Pall Malls. And of course, then there’s the messy AF workspace where it looks like a mom and her pack of rats live. And weirdly, it feels romantic for some.

Often, but not always.

But the truth is, many of us live the romantic life of a creator and really take care of ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I’m overall better when I…

Those priceless epiphany moments are all around us; you just need to listen

Photo by Mauro Lima on Unsplash

The other day on Twitter, there was this fella who sent me a Tweeted message.

It basically alluded to the fact that he was digging how I went from a $12-hour nurse to a $562-hour freelancer. No, that’s not a typo. I really was pulling in that much per hour.

But that’s for another story.

He point-blank Tweeted to me asking how the heck it all started. Like what was the catalyst? And what were the first moments like, and what did I do about them? …

And a gentle reminder for the rest of us

Photo by Amaury Gutierrez on Unsplash

Freelance writing is not a career for everyone.

These types of writers typically need to be self-motivated and disciplined to succeed at freelance work.

Freelance writers are usually paid by the hour, word, or project, making it difficult due to the potential of inconsistent income sources.

But it also offers many advantages: you can choose your own hours, have more control over your work environment, and get to be creative with your assignments.

And for first-timers, or “noobs,” there are probably about 1,000 more questions you might have, from the very broad to the super-specific. …

And to this day we still don’t know where the bullet came from

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

It was silent, but I saw it.

I swear it was a bullet.

Even though I know the human eye can’t actually see bullets moving.

It came down over the roof of the building, and whizzed to the shoreline so fast it couldn’t be anything but a bullet. Like a shot fired from a cloud.

But it was a bird.

A falcon, to be precise. And that son-of-a-bitch was flying so fast and so low and wings tucked in so tight that I literally mistook him for a bullet.

But it could have been a her.

I couldn’t tell, he…

After reading this you’ll spot these career crushers a mile away

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

With all the talk about succeeding in one of the most popular niches around, we may tend to forget and discuss the pitfalls.

Of course, I’m talking about freelance writing.

Look, I get it. We all want to sling some ink and make some big, phat, fast dough. And writing is, without a doubt, a legit pathway to achieve all that.

Even more beautiful is that it can be done in your skivvies from home.

So seriously, how hard can it be? Right?

Well, stick with me here a little bit, because while lots of goo-roos and folks who can’t…

Rick Martinez

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