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I think about the very first story I wrote, way back in the 6th grade. And when I think about it, I smile. Not a smirk, and not a trite or trivial grin, but one of those smiles that is reserved for your one and only love. You know, deep...and real.

(Please don't tell my wife I just wrote that).

But I digress...

I became a registered nurse with a specialty in ER/trauma. That has taught me a lot about life and even more about death.

I became an entrepreneur and started a company that won lots of awards, produced over $300 million in revenue, employed hundreds of folks and was acquired after 11 years. That has taught me how to be a real life CEO and startup founder with one liquidity event under my belt.

I became a spouse, a father, and as of 2021, a grandpa. That has taught me how to be a better man, husband, father and grampa.

I s'pose what I'm trying to say here is that I'm stilll absorbing...still growing...still learning to be a better human...

And I share all of those lessons and experiences with words.



Because I never forgot how I felt in 6th grade after I wrote my very first story.

In my professional writing life, I'd describe myself as a coffee fueled ink slinger for companies and CEO's who know what they wanna say, but don't know how to say it.

More sepcifically...

I ghostwrite Educational Email Courses for 7-figure healthcare & travel nurse firms. I'm a travel nurse, turned 8-figure healthcare CEO turned Ghostwriter.

I'd love to stay connected, maybe learn more about you sometime.




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My journey began on food stamps • I help CEOs & entrepreneurs write & publish books that give them authority & legacy • Former CEO turned ghostwriter