How to Make Money With Your Book: For 7-Figure CEOs and Entrepreneurs- P3 of 3

Here are 9 ways to actually make money with your book

Rick Martinez
9 min readMar 16


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In part 2, I laid out how a book can get attention.

Now it’s time to share precisely how one can take that attention and make money from their book.

There are SO MANY ways you can leverage the attention from a book to sell something else. I’ll run through the most common things you can sell, with examples for each:

1. Create and sell services

Every single coach I’ve hired to work with has had one big thing in common.

They wrote and published a book.

It was the book that made them discoverable to me. It was their book that opened my eyes and mind to their technique. And yes, it was that same book where I read real-life case studies of their successes with clients just like me.

Their book set them apart, and I hired them.

Some folks will read this: “If I write a book about my processes and knowledge, why will people hire me?”

That’s a great question and observation. So let me put it this way.

Have you ever listened to a song on the radio and loved it so much you purchased bunches of downloads on Apple? Then loved it so much you went to the concert to see the band live?

Same concept, but the distinction is watching them apply their mastery live.

A coach or consultant is the same. Sure, you can read about tactics and strategies from their book. Still, it’s real-time application and execution right from the source that creates that added value.

The more significant point is simply this…people who hire consultants and coaches are hiring them to teach them and their team; they’re not just hiring the knowledge in the book.

The book is how you show them that they should hire you.

2. Sell physical products

Years ago, I dove into the Paleo diet craze when I was heavy into the CrossFit scene.



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