The overdose that lead me to a better life

Rick Martinez
3 min readNov 12, 2020
Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

What if there was a pill we could take that would make us lucky.

Or create luck for us.

Or get us to that place where luck always seems to happen, seemingly for others.

You know what I mean.


And no, I don’t mean like winning the lottery lucky.

More so just kinda being lucky in life in general.

Feel me?

Well, the other night, I was having a deep convo with a buddy. We were at a local pub.

Yeah, it was a pub, not a bar…

Pubs just feel different.

Anyway…were at this pub and we start talking about life and kinda “what’s next”, if you will.

For him, he’s in settle down mode but still wants to be active and productive.

Make sense?

Too young to retire, yet the days of leaping into risky ventures are well past.

And that convo brought us to the reasons why a fella might want to take that proverbial path of least resistance.

So when he shared his reason, I couldn’t help but truly empathize because after you hear this, I bet you will too.

And yes, it involves a “lucky pill”.

Years ago, he was in 200% hustle mode.

Burning candles at both ends kinda sh*t.

We’ve all been there…right?

So he’s in full-on warp speed, making stuff happen, and then one day he hits the proverbial wall.

Funny, because he’s like 6'7" (yep, this dude is legit basketball player height), and as he said, “hit the wall,” he walked into a light hanging from the ceiling in the pub.

I chuckled.

So did he.

It was funny at the time, and if you can picture it, well, you might laugh a bit too.

But back to my Viking homie.

He says he walked into work one day, and his hands were shaking. Dripping sweat on a 40-degree day. Heart beating…

Rick Martinez

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