The Pen Doesn’t Care

An ode to writers who think they have writer’s block but are actually just apathetic

Rick Martinez


Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Experienced or newbie, degree or home-schooled.

The pen doesn’t care what or who you are.

The pen doesn’t care what color your hair is or if you even have hair on your head.

Experienced and strong with prose…


a new-to-the-game rookie writer…

The pen doesn’t care.

It doesn’t judge you based on the number of words you’ve written. It doesn’t judge you based on what your annual writing income is or isn’t. It doesn’t even judge you based on whether or not you’ve been published.

The pen doesn’t care if you’re a man or woman, Black or white, rich or poor.

All the pen cares about is that you’re passionate about writing and are committed to using your words to make a difference in the world.

So don’t worry about what others think about your writing. Just worry about getting your words down on paper and making a difference with them. The pen doesn’t care about the rest.

The pen is a judgemental son-of-a-bitch

It just sits there on its side, but I swear it’s mocking me.

It judges you on if you can pick it up. It judges you if you have the heart to keep writing when you get tired and worn out. It judges you when you set it down and face whatever life throws at you head-on.

And in its judgment, all it does is sit there and taunt you.

It needles you, scoffs at you, compels you, and thumbs its black or blue nose in its stillness as if to say…

Lift me daily…

Use me as you would a habit (good or bad)…

Move me up and down or side to side but dammit, just move me…

Just pick me up and hold me is almost what it seems to say under its inky breath…



Rick Martinez

My journey began on food stamps • I help CEOs & entrepreneurs write & publish books that give them authority & legacy • Former CEO turned ghostwriter