The Surprising Habits of Highly Successful Ghostwriters

How these four simple habits can make or break your writing career

Rick Martinez
3 min readMay 10


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Did you know that 90% of success as a ghostwriter comes down to just three habits?

To be honest, if you look at any industry and the successful folks in it, consistent habits are what separates the successful from the rest. In fact, the habits of highly successful ghostwriters are no different. If you want to write better content and establish yourself as a ghostwriter, it’s important that you master these three habits.

Show Up, Stand Out

The first and most important habit is showing up consistently.

This means being timely and reliable in delivering your work. According to a survey of ghostwriting clients, one of the biggest mistakes ghostwriters make is not delivering content on time. To avoid this, set realistic deadlines for yourself and stick to them.

Here’s an actionable tip: Set a schedule for writing and stick to it. Identify the time of day that you’re most productive and use that time to work on your projects.

Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

Ghostwriting is not about quantity but quality.

Delivering high-quality work is essential to keeping clients happy and coming back for more. However, one mistake ghostwriters often make is rushing through projects to meet deadlines. To avoid this mistake, take your time with each project.

Here’s an actionable tip: Set aside ample time for research and planning. This will allow you to produce high-quality content that meets the client’s needs.

Stay Ahead of the Game

The final habit that all successful ghostwriters share is staying up-to-date with industry trends and changes.

Ghostwriting is a constantly evolving industry, and it’s essential to stay on top of new tools and techniques. One mistake that ghostwriters can make is becoming complacent and sticking to their tried-and-true methods. To avoid this, make a habit of continuous learning.



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