What Does It Take To Be “Good Enough” As A Writer?

From a writer who questions himself (often)

Rick Martinez
2 min readMar 18


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What will it take for you to feel “good enough” to pursue your writing dreams?

Graduating with a degree in English?

Reading one more “how to” book on creative writing?

Buying the latest course or joining another senseless mastermind?

It’s normal to feel like you have to reach a certain level before you can start that article, manuscript, or book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

But what if I told you that you don’t need any of those things?

Expanding your knowledge and abilities is something you should definitely work toward as a writer. But be careful that you don’t chase the elusive feeling of being “good enough,” of being “ready” — only to delay your own ink-slinging dreams in the process.

Because the problem with “good enough” is that it’s a moving target.

There’s always gonna be one more level of education you could achieve…

There’s always gonna be one more mind-blowing writing concept to learn…

There’s always gonna be one more advancement in technology (think AI and ChatGPT)…

There’s always gonna be all the things that promise to give you the confidence and ability to (finally) start.

And even once you finally get started, that nagging feeling of not being good enough doesn’t just disappear.

The key isn’t to reach a certain level and then take action. It’s to take action so that you can reach the next level. Can you feel that?

So instead of waiting until you feel “good enough” to start writing (only never to get started at all), realize that you’re already good enough to take the first step.

Stop worrying about whether you have enough knowledge, the right experience, or the perfect tools, and use what you have right now.

Stop that damn procrastination and start practicing. Write the thing. And then go write some more, and again, and again.

Because with each imperfect attempt, you’ll get a little better, bringing you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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