You’re lucky to be across the pond…(they said)

Rick Martinez
2 min readJan 29, 2021
Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

Yeah that’s what lots of my friends say from back home.

I s’pose if I was home (Texas) and had never come to Europe through this pandemic I too might be saying that.

To me, Europe is the epitome of culture, history, beauty and just some downright beautiful places I’ve always dreamt of visiting, and heck, even living in.

So my lens, as an American who viewed Europe that way, would likely be the same…that I’m lucky to be across the pond.

The reality is anything but that.


I’m living here now. Norway to be precise. And here’s our reality.

Norway is in the strictest lockdowns yet…
Sweden closed their borders to us here in Norge…
Liquor stores across half the country are now closed…

Any one of those by themself is a tough nut to swallow…two of ’em, damn…but how the hell is a homie s’posed to endure without some tequila and a 6-pack of IPA? Sheesh…

But seriously.

The reason I’m sharing this isn’t to poo-poo your day.



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