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Trauma nurse turned creative writer. The world through my pen. Contributor @Entrepreneur @IncMagazine

And a simple framework that anyone can use, even if you’re not a nurse

I am a nurse turned freelance writer. But to tell you the truth, I actually believe I’ve always had the writer in me, long before I ever became a nurse. If you’re not a nurse, you may be wondering why this is relevant to you. So before I go on and before you click away, as you read this, please imagine the skills you learned in a different career field, training or schooling. I bet there’s relevance there too. One of the main reasons I enjoy writing is that there are many similarities between being an RN (registered nurse) and…

“We can handle small surges and clusters; it’s not a big deal. But when you get this continuous surge ongoing hour after hour — you see these patients, and they are all coming in with the same symptoms huffing and puffing, some of them are gasping for air, and some of them are confused because of the lack of oxygen, and they’re elderly, and they’re young, and they’re distressed, and they’re agitated, and then there are no family members around…It is draining.” Dr. Jamil Madi, Valley ICU medical director.

Y’all who know me, and maybe don’t “know me” but follow…

The last one is worth its weight in gold

I’ve officially been working remotely, from home, for just over one year now.

No more office, no water-cooler chatter, 3rd-floor conference room meetings are history and no morning traffic.

It sounds like a dream come true on the surface, but I’d be lying to you if I said it was that perfect. It was a real chore to get used to all the things I didn’t have each day.

Working from anywhere has many benefits, but the most challenging part about it is making sure that you’re getting a good amount of work done without being unproductive.

Some of the…

…or basically what my girlfriend said all writers were

“You’re crazy.”

That’s point-blank what my girlfriend told me when I first told her I wanted to be a writer.

“I don’t want you sitting in some cheesy coffee shop all day, typing away on your laptop,” she said. “Those places are full of broken dreams and lazy people who spend way too much on a cup of coffee. Besides, you’re a grown-ass man, not some entitled, over-aged millennial living in his mom’s basement.”

In a way, she was kinda right.

I mean, I did have a pretty decent gig as a startup founder. I think that she thought she’d…

And how this freelancer is doing now…

Here we are, fully one-third done with 2021, and perhaps many (not all) have forgotten the writing promises we made to ourselves as 2020 wrapped up.

Successful writers have a few things in common.

Like putting in the grunt work, writing till the ink runs dry, and lest we forget editing. This can be difficult, tedious, and time-consuming, but the results are worth it.

It involves dedicated effort and a lot of time spent linking words together you may have discarded or forgotten.

It takes a fair amount of focus on your future goals when you want to be a…

And other true confessions from an E.R. nurse, Episode #789

If I had just done CPR on a 14-year old with a .45 caliber gunshot wound to the head, I’d be traumatized too.

Who wouldn’t be?

Am I right?

It’s messy, and it’s loud, and it’s frantic, and it’s chaos, but it’s controlled chaos because this is the BIG-SHOW.

No more sniffles or a cough or the flu or an STD…this is what you’ve trained for.

Hell, and I know Jenna is a trained E.R. nurse, and sure, we are in an inner-city trauma center, but this?


If it’s not a 14-year-old, it’s a 36-year-old dad or a 19-year-old pregnant girl

Or a…

If it’s not a Friday night, then it’s a Monday afternoon, or it’s a Sunday morning…

I’m 53 years old, and I approve of this message

Woulda, coulda, shoulda are like the three musketeers of the regretful.

The folks who turn a particular corner in life and then reflect back on all that they perceive they’ve missed.

“If only I woulda taken that job offer in Seattle…”

“I coulda spent way less time at work…”

“I shoulda had children…”

These are just some of the regrets people in their 50’s have about life, family, love, and success.

We’re all looking back on our lives with a different perspective now than when we were younger. We’ve learned what it means to be a parent or grandparent, how…

The first date that was so perfect, it felt staged

He gently turned the bottle in his hands to expose the label.


You could see the sparkle in her eye as the waiter Jerry…no, wait. Jansen? Or was it Jacob? Yeah, his name was Jacob. The sparkle in her eye was all he needed to know it was the right choice.

Jacob began to work that cork out like a seasoned pro.

I wonder if he’s a sommelier?…I thought to myself.

I didn’t know how this night could be any better.

Perfect restaurant.…

Perfect candles…

Perfect ambiance…

Perfect woman…

Can a fella be so lucky?

Her hair.

Her eyes.

Her lips.

Oh, her lips.

I couldn’t take my eyes off…

Use these strategies to start, grow and thrive…

Ever been on the back of a snowmobile going 80 MPH downhill?

I have.

Just the other day, in fact.

And in case you’re slightly curious, I’m the entrepreneur that is being referenced in the title.

But I digress…

You see, while it was fun and at the same time scary as heck, there was a clarity of thought that had me thinking about my life as an entrepreneur. And more so, the lessons from the experience and how I might apply them to my current startup.

And before I go on, I’m not advocating that you do something daredevil…

And one involves these succulent baked goods…

I admit it. I’m a Texan so I’m a little biased.

But besides that, it’s pretty much universally accepted that Texas is quite the place to visit.

I’m sure you’ve heard (and maybe already know) it’s a big state, but did you know that Texas has the second-highest population in the country? It also has more land than any other state in America!

With so much space and such an exciting culture, there are endless reasons why you should plan your next vacation here.

So let’s talk Austin.

Or as you may soon see, “ATX”.

Austin, Texas is a great…

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